Cannot restore database after moving to a new computer. em Client starts checking database and never comes up

Hi, I just started using em Client because I want all of my mail and accounts moved from an old Windows 7 computer to a new Windows 10 computer.  

So, I installed em Client on the old computer then imported all of windows live mail immediately after installation. I then saved a backup using em Client.  I copied that zipped folder over to the new machine, installed emClient on the new machine and then tried to use restore.  It appears to unpack the database, but then nothing happens. When I restart it, it begins checking the database, when it is done, the window disappears and then nothing happens.  I tried removing and reinstalling, etc. no fix.

All I want to do is get em Client running on the new computer and have it somehow import all of the Windows Live Mail accounts and folders from the old machine.

Please help!



I guess they never reply to problems, do they?   I’m getting more impressed with this company by the minute - and I’m a PRO user!   

While eM Client do often participate in this form, is primarily user-based.  If there is no answer to a problem, it could be because no user has experienced the problem, they are a pro user and they have gone to pro support or the problem has been answered in a different post.

You are a pro user, and their pro support is usually quick and very good.  If you have a question, we would be happy to try to help or, submit a ticket through the pro support system.

There are a few options that might help.

  1. Make sure both copies of eM Client are the same version then try the backup/restore option again. If they aren’t then the restore may result in an empty database. This definitely will not work if the versions are using different database formats, like backup version 6 and restore to version 7.

  2. Install WLM on the new computer and migrate across from the old one. Then install eM Client and do an import.

  3. Export data from WLM and import into the new eM Client installation.

  4. With eM Client closed on both computers, copy the database directory across. This is the complete C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ directory and sub-directories and files. You may have to show hidden items in Explorer to do that. Again, you will need the same version of eM Client on both computers to do this.

  5. If the account on the old computer is IMAP or Exchange, both in eM Client and WLM, setting up the same account in eM Client on the new computer will sync the data across.

  6. As Jay says, open a support ticket for more assistance. As a Pro License user you are entitled to VIP Support.