cannot reactivate due to policy violation

My computer failed to update and reverted back this morning and now eM Client is telling me im offline and cannot reactivate due to a violation of license policy.

Hello Jonathan,

If you’re receiving this message, your license may have been deactivated due to the violation of our license policy, such as using the free license for commercial purposes. If you’d like to hear more about our policy or raise any objections, you can contact the sales department at
You can also find more information here


Hello Maurice.
I am using this SW since 2014, but yesterday it stopped working with this message. 
Maybe it believes I am using the free licence for commercial use, but I do not know why.
Nothing changed - the same computer, the same network. 
I am using to access my private mail, so I do not need PRO licence. 
What is the solution?

Hello Zsigmond,

In that case, please contact the sales department at with an explanation of your situation.