Cannot put important back up back in after crashing EM

All my storage folders of YEARS are in that back up.
This week Em cleint suddenly stopped working, I had to delete it and download and install a new EM client.
I was not worries because of the back up.

How do I get my folders back???

Anybody can help me with that? :sob:

Error messages?
Version using now and version used when backup made?
Backup done using eMC backup?

The more info, the better.


Now i am using version8.2.1509 (b0e58cf)
I dont know what version i was using in between this one and the last one who made the back up.
Back ups are made every day, i use EM client every day, and i am always up to date with EM client. It only happened last week.
I could save that big update (2.70 gb) by saving it somewhere else before it was backing up again OVER the other one.
But even if i put it back on its “back up place” it doesnt work.

It takes the newest back up and doesnt let me choose. :(((
And even if it lets me choose, THAT back up is NOT working!

lunes 23 agosto 2021 :: 2048hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Trudie_Sargent

I’m a bit confused about your backup, what is the name of the backup you have?

It should be something like: ‘’ which is the name of
mine for today. The name is made up ‘year/month/date/’

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I am confused by your response…

Yes, the name of the back up is backup-202108132143 with a total of 2.73 gb.

Y saludos para ti tambien :slight_smile:

oke, last week suddenly em stopped working. I dont know what version that was but i normally am up to date with updates etc.
So i deleted em and was not worried about anything because it was making backups everyday. So it is only a matter of deleting, installing new version 8.2.1509 (b0e58cf) and put back up back in.

Unfortunallity it wasnt working, I could NOT put my backup back into emclient. At some point there was an error because i have two emailaddress and for one the pasword was not correct at the moment. Ones that was solved, i dont get errors.

Mheanwhile em is making new backups. So i quickly took my big backup and saved it in another place, just in case.

Now…if i remove all the backups that em made the last week and i put that big backup back on its place on its own. em client try’s to pick it up and then crashes. So i have to start all over again. I have done that about 10 times maybe.
EM client doesnt do ANYTHING with THAT back up which is so important to me.

How can i save all those storage folders???

pfff sorry for my English, its not my mother lenguage.

Are you placing the “old” backup file in the current backup location as indicated in your current settings?

When it “crashes” what error does it give, if any?

Yes i take other back up away and put the old back up in the right location on its own.
If i leave the old back up with other backups, em lets me choose which back up to put back, but it doesnt mention the old back.
So if i leave the old back up on its own in the correct location, EM is trying and than crashes without error at all. I cannot even repair EM and have to uninstall it again.
So i have done this again and again and again.

It just doesnt work, thats why i would like to know if there is a way to do it manual or saving at least my storage folders in a way i can read and save them somwhere else if not in emclient.

Thank you…

It is sounding more and more like that ZIP file may be corrupted.

I have un packed the old back up, (to see if you read anything or save or whatever.
Then i pakked it again.

But…what can i do?

When it “crashes” what do you see on the screen? Can you grab a screen shot? What does the MENU > Operations > Error/log indicate about the “crash”, if anything.

When it crashes there is no time for anything. Its GONE!! It close down and i cannot open it anymore. Not from muy link and not from real location. Em client stops working without any error and no time to look in log. Impossible to open again.
I cannot even “repair” em clinet. Only thing i can do is uninstall.

I am not much of a help eh?
Thank you for trying to help me. :))

@Trudie_Sargent After you install eM Client, are you “Skipping the account setup” and then doing the Restore via eg: Menu / File / Restore" ?

Cyberzork: I haven’t tried THAT one yet!! Let me do that tomorrow…now bedtime (Europe).
I let you know tomorrow. oki?

Thank you

Again i have unstalled and installed em client. (2 times) I skipped the account setup. But…EM client can NOT restore my old so important back up.
EM client just doesn’t “SEE” the back up!!!
Even if i place the back up somewhere else and tell em to get it there the back up doesnt even show up.
Opening folders through EM client the back up doesnt show up.

I open manually my back folder and its there!!

Sooo. I am stuck am I?

Is there a way I can make my storage folders in that up back up visable and useable for me?
The noram email folders are oke, they are still on Gmail…


Many thanks…

omg now i cant even put my accounts in emclient. AGAIN i have to un- and install emclient again!!!
GRRRRRRRR :hot_face: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :japanese_goblin: :japanese_ogre:

Please review the file name you posted… the “dash” should be an “underscore”… the file name should be:

yes…like this
All other back ups em made this last week have all the same name, uncluding my old back up.

Thank you sunriseal for thinking for/with me :slight_smile:

martes 24 agosto 2021 :: 2238hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Trudie_Sargent

Do you know how to and have you tried to repair your problem file ‘’?
It might be worth a try as you are stuck anyway.

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