Cannot print emails


I am working with XP Pro with Service Pack and am using Firefox as Webbrowser.

My version of Em- Client is 6.02.21040.0

I cannot get the program to print the emails - printing from the other components works fine -

The printing icon is installed.

The system uses IE 6, which does not print either.

Any ideas warmly appreciated ;-))))


Hi Raoul, unfortunately eM Client is using some of the Internet Explorer components, e.g. for printing feature, please make sure to have the latest available version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer (8), and check if the issue persists.

Thank you,

Just installed  IE version 8 ( being the last one that works with XP) - same results. IE prints pictures, but not documents and does not show the page preview. Tried all resets in IE that were mentioned in messages relating to the topic, but zilch.

Any suggestions? It’s a real pain in the neck not to be able to print when everything else just works nicely…

Hi again Raoul, unfortunately this feature is directly connected to the IE’s printing ability so unless your Internet Explorer is able to print our images eM Client won’t have the ability either.
I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Microsoft’s support in order to resolve the printing issue.

Thank you,