Cannot paste into EMclient

Using Vista with V6 (20733).
I cannot paste from IE9 or NotePad.
I can paste from FF 31.0 or other apps.
I cannot sign in using FF 31.0 but can using IE9.

Hi David, can you please make sure you have the latest available version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer?
eM Client is using some of IE’s components in order to work properly with some features such as image rendering or clipboard management.

If updating IE won’t help let me know.

Thank you,

I have the latest IE for Vista, IE10/11 will not install on Vista.

My problem as far as EM goes is simple.

I cannot use this forum with FF, and if I use IE9 I cannot paste to eMclient


Hi again David, can you please go to Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security > Custom level > And check if you have the option “Allow programmatic clipboard access” enabled?

Unfortunately the forum system is being developed externally by Getsatisfaction, I can report this issue for you, however I can not speed a bug fixing process which is based on their side, thank you for reporting this issue.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul,
It is annoying that FF won’t log in really, I can do without IE anyway.
IE does have “Allow programmatic clipboard access” enabled!

In the light of others not commenting on this log-in issue perhaps I should look closer to home.
I wonder if ‘Last Pass’ has anything to do with it.
I have ‘Last Pass’ plug-in for FF but not IE.


It is not ‘LastPass’


Hi again David, can you try to reset Internet Explorer settings to defaults?
I’m sorry for the login issue, I’ve reported the issue, hope the developers at Getsatisfaction will be able to take a look at it.

Thank you,

Hi David,

You have issues with using this forum in Firefox? I’m also using Firefox and I don’t have issues with this forum. I think there are also no other messages on this forum about issues with Firefox.

I made this very point 2 posts ago.
I know it is not ‘LastPass’ 'cos I disabled it.
I have just upgraded FF to V32.0 & it still will not log in.
When I click sign in the box pops up and I enter my data, then a smaller box (rectangular) pops up saying success.
But the sign in ‘button’ still says - sign in.

Hi again, I too can confirm I can login successfully using Firefox running it’s latest available version.
But I have come across a similar issue with Safari and already reported this issue to the developers.

Thank you,