Cannot Paste info to create New Contact in eM 5

Trying to past email address, phone, etc does not work in New Contact screeen…works ok with new email.

Try to paste an email address to Notepad and inform me of the result.

No problem w/Notepad or anywhere else…and it’s not just email address. Can’t past a phone number or name or anything. Can’t paste into an existing contact either.

Right click in a field in Contact details and choose Paste. Let me know if it works.

No luck in Contact details in any of the fields. Just discovered I cannot paste into the New Event Title or Notes fields, but I can paste into the Location field (!?!).

Paste works fine in New email, but does not work in a New Task, not even into the Location field(!!!).


Don’t you use any kind of clipboard-monitoring application or AutoHotKey or similiar program which could cause changing the clipboard’s content? If so, please turn it off temporarily a try it again (maybe the reboot is required).
Which antivirus program do you use? It could be also the source of the problem.

Thanks, but something changed or was updated the last couple of days which has solved the problem. Had not had a cut/copy/paste problem anywhere else - I use them a lot - but with Contact info.

Problem solved/Source or solution: unknown

No it doesn’t work. I contacted eMClient about this yesterday and they inform that they don’t plan on adding this feature. Ridiculous as this is an important and useful feature. MS Outlook has had it for a long time.

Maybe there is some confusion here. I right-clicked and pasted as George said, and the address pasted just fine.

Is this maybe a different issue Joe, as this thread deals with a VERY old version of eM Client?

Hmm. I have a recent version of this and ran into the problem. It appears that when you go into the DETAILS tab of a contact and attempt to paste something into the NOTES section, you simply can’t do it in the case of a JPEG for example.

Contacts do not support images in the Notes field. That is for text only. 

If you want to attach an image file, there is an attachment section.

If you want to attach an image to be used as an avatar for the contact click on the avatar section.