Cannot login to Google using eM Client

On the eM Client website it says I have to login to the web interface first, but which web interface? I’m logged into the web interface of Gmail but eM Client does not connect:

I tried all that was suggested: logging into the google mail website, disbling captcha, adding as a safe device with google, all to no avail. I tried it on 2 PC’s on different locations. eM Client does not seem to support Gmail.

OK I found the problem. Google says that eM Client is insecure and therefore blocks it. There is a way to ublock it, it is to allow insecure apps to sign into your Google account:…

Of course this is not something anyone wants, so I think eM Client should update their security.

So far Google only connects if you allow insecure apps to sign into your Google Account – a big security glitch in my opionion. Can eM Client fix this?

This was the respónse to an similar problem … Thank you for responding Paul.  I am now all set.  I went to Gmail’s f&q’s and obtained an application password.
Yes I do have two step verification.

After creating 2 step verfication it is easy to get apps to work … this comes in your email 

What if an app stops workingNow that you have 2-Step Verification, you may have trouble accessing your account from some apps, such as: 

  • “Mail” on iPhone, iPad, or Mac;
  • Chat clients (e.g., Adium).
    To get your apps working again, you’ll need something called an application-specific password. Don’t worry—we’ll generate one for you, and you won’t need to remember it. Get started now.

@ajuabrenda: does this mean I will have to switch on two-step verification? I think it should be easy to use eM Client. So far, it will only work for very few people after they go through the trouble to search on this forum etc. Shouldn’t eM Client support Gmail’s security standards instead of making its users jump through all these hoops?

Well, yes to eM Client techs should make this Google compliant; however, 2 step verification is a great security process which should help keep those nasty hackers at bay … so I think it is worth the setup. If you go to 2 step verification you will also have to generate a app specific password for eM Client and for your mobile phone as well for Gmail and enter it as your password. Here is the link again to do this: Get started now.

If you do not wish to do this, you can use Gmail Notifier Pro (which is free as well) which seems to work without the 2 step verification process. 

Hi, unfortunately unless you’re using the two-step verification authentication in Google there might be issues while using the standard password.
To use eM Client with your regular password, please try to access this setting with your email account and try to set the option to enable,

Without this setting enabled you might only be able to use application’s that support authentication with OAuth, which is not yet supported in eM Client, however the authentication should be included in an upcoming release of the application.

Thank you for understanding,

I tried that but would not recommend since it impacts your internet security, which should not be the preferred option.

I have been using 2 step verification with specific generated passwords on two computers, one for each computer, and it has been working like a charm.

Recommending less secure options should not be the answer from the developer, right?

I have implemented the 2-step login and it does work well. What is important that it’s made clear that this is currently the only solution - as I just received errors when adding my gmail account. This is a bad user experience while the product indeed is very good. In a future upgrade this should be fixed with the latest google security API. 

Hi, as I previously explained this is due to recent implementation of OAuth on Google’s accounts, please note that at this point you might not be able to use any application at all except Google’s native application in case the option was disabled. We’re working on improving this for future releases of eM Client.