Cannot login to gmail?

I have had em client setup to access both my gmail and verizon mail accounts.  Up to 2 days ago all was good.  Now it looks like em client changed the way they access gmail account.  When i open client a pop up browser window comes up with a request to login to my gmail account.  The problem is it is an IE browser window where IE is not my default browser.  So it is a very old IE version (7.0 without Javascript enabled) and all the hot buttons are grayed out.  How do i get em client to stop popping up IE browser window and instead us my Firefox?

Hi John, eM Client is built on the .NET framework and is using some of the system components using the Internet Explorer’s core features, in order to guarantee application’s compatibility with all your features you need to keep your IE up to date, please update your Internet Explorer and check if the issue persists.

It is not possible to change the browser eM Client is using, however we’re working on an upcoming release of eM Client that will be featuring the use of webkit’s core features instead of IE.