Cannot import files from Window 10 Mail

I use Windows 10. I have Mail installed on this PC. I installed eM Client. 7.0. I can open either of the programs, Mail or eM Client. Mail contains many folders, each folder have emails in them. When I open the em Client, I see the same folders as on the Mail program. Also, the Inbox, Sent, etc. contain the same emails as the Mail program. However, when I look in any of the Folders that I have on both the Mail and eM Client, the Mail folders have all of the emails while the eM Client are blank. I tried the File/import and chose the Windows Mail, but I keep getting an error message that says that the Windows Mail is not installed. How can this be when I can open both the Mail and eM Client on the same Desktop and work with either. How do I get the emails in the Mail to show up in the eM Client folders?

Hello Herschel,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, the import from Windows Live Mail has been completely remade in the 7.1 version, currently released as Beta (For more information please see
If you do not wish to participate in the Beta, you can export your e-mails from Windows Live Mail into .eml and then import them into eM Client through Menu -> Import -> Import from folder with .eml files.



Is this still only available in beta builds? I have installed 7.2.36694.0 on a client PC to do a W10 Mail import and it’s not listed as an import source :frowning:

Where can I obtain a build with this functionality enabled?



Importing from Windows Live Mail is there in the current versions, but WLM needs to be installed on the computer otherwise it will not show as an option in the import selection.

Importing from the current Windows 10 Mail client is not possible. You will need to export your data from that application, or sync it with an online account.

Whoops, I replied in the wrong place, perhaps you won’t get notified, please see my query below

Yeah, the choices for export are “one message at a time” or “not at all”.

It’s an offline cache of an IMAP account, if I point it at the new IMAP server chances are it’ll just delete all the local messages that don’t exist on the new server and there’s no way to drag and drop between accounts in W10 Mail :\

Also… I mean, the original post was about the windows 10 mail app, and the staff reply didn’t say “Windows 10 Mail is not supported for import”, which is a disappointing error.

I think there was some confusion, but he did only mention WLM in his reply, not Windows 10 Mail.

You are right about the server deleting the messages, unless you can first sync with the server and then drag the messages across. But that is not possible with that application.

I just did some reading about Mail. Doesn’t seem there is even a way to backup the data before you try anything!