cannot import calendar for exchange server.

Hello, I can’t import my exchange server (Work) calendar into the mail client. It shows as Syncing but never shows. I left it over night but again without any luck. Your help is appreciated.

Hello Fady,

Are you referring to export from Exchange account or to adding Exchange account to eM Client?
Was this just one-time occurrence or it is continuous issue?
You might try to remove the affected account and add it back.

Hello, only one account. I Removed and added again still the same problem. It’s a continuous issue thanks

Thank you for clarifying Fady.
Have you tried to add this account as Exchange or via Automatic setup?
You may need to click on Mail below Automatic setup and select Exchange from the list of providers.
Use your email address for user name and email address field during setup.If you need any assistance please let me know.

Thanks for the response. I used automatic settings and have double checked that it is exchange. My mail syncs fine though I do get messages every once and a while that the connection has failed.

The only issue is with the calendar which I can’t seem to sync.

If your account was added via automatic setup, can you please try adding it as Exchange?
I would like to prevent any misunderstanding, please view attached screenshot to see which option to use and verify whether you set up that way.
First option which is outlined with red color is Automatic Setup but what you actually need to do is click on “Mail” instead and select exchange there.