Cannot go via Hotmail when I want to reply to an e-mail

When I click to reply to an e-mail address within a web page, I am told that I do not have a Microsoft Live e-mail account. On my Mac, all e-mails just talk to each other. I have downloaded eM Client Inc. but now I cannot reply to these e-mail addresses because I do not have an account. So an improvement, at least now it is recognizing I am just trying to send an e-mail. I am not, as you have probably guessed, very computer literate. All I want to do is to hit “send question” from within a web page and up comes my Hotmail box, or any e-mail address to which I can connect to.
Help, please, will b very much appreciated.
Thanks, Martin


if you cant respond to email from (hotmail) on their website it has nothing to do with us. For this you will need to contact Microsoft’s support line.

with regards