Cannot get Verizon webmail settings to work on eM

I have installed eM on a Windows desktop. I have installed my verizon mail account on it. I have tested the ID and Password on the web and they are correct. When I enter this info on eM it keeps popping up to ask my password again but does not allow me to go on.  Possibly other issues with the settings. The settings I have are (thanks for any help, appreciated)  ":-Dx

POP 3:
HOST: incoming.
PORT: 995
Use SSL/TLS if available
Use Identity credentials

PORT: 465
Use SSL/TLS if available
Server Requires Identification / Use Identity Credentials

Enable Service

Hello, are you seeing any errors when you try to authenticate with the server? If so, can you please make a screenshot of the error? Have you setup the account manually or did you use the automatic setup option in eM Client?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer? Can you please check the exact release in Help > About?


It was the latest download available. It’s worked before on this same computer but apparently all of a sudden eM realized I was using the same license on 2 computers. I had no idea that was wrong. I thought it was 1 email to 1 home user on his/her computers. But it worked for months like that. When I out of the blue started getting “the license isn’t valid … re-activate” I realized something must tipped them off, noting I didn’t know it was wrong. So I decided to apply another email I use to a new download on a 2ndary pc. I uninstalled eM, downloaded the new version and this is where I tried to use Verizon and all the problems started. I have decided it’s just easier to use Gmail notifier programs on the 2ndary computers and keep eM on the primary which works fine with Gmail. Thanks for your time.

Hello, we had a licensing issue on our server, that may have been related to the ability of running on two computers, however eM Client has a strict license policy that allows you to run a Free license on one computer only, thus each computer needs a separate license in order to run simultaneously or a license key with more activations available.

There’s a limit for registering Free licenses, thus there can only one license be registered to each email address.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Sorry, the issue was with me, unknown however, and it caught up. :)  Thanks! 1 free license is sufficient for this senior/vet home user.

Have you selected “Scan” below?

Thanks Perrin for the advice. Direct to my last message above yours. It’s not possible to run eM on this 2nd machine anyways without a license change. I have decided to just use it on my primary machine. Again, many things! (oh, yes I did scan the diagnostics several times with no success) G’day! ":-Dx

Try this configuration:
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Please see above message of mine! I’ve dropped the notion of using Verizon on a 2nd machine. Thanks All done here … no more answers needed … I’m good … no need to respond anymore.  lol   ":-Dx