Cannot get outgoing mail to work

The diagnostic and fix features did not solve my problem on not being able to sent mail. (I receive it ok.) I use a University server, but EmClient keeps trying to add an “mx” or something else in my outgoing mail address, but it still doesn’t work. I am about to give up.
  I read through a dozen similar complaints, some of which seem not to have been solved.

The best solution is to get the SMTP server details from the University tech support, and enter those manually in eM Client. In the interim, you might want to change the SMTP server security policy to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). That often solves the problem.

Menu > Tools > Accounts > SMTP

Sometimes you will find that when a question is left unsolved on this forum, it is because the original poster has not replied to some suggestion that was given. Therefore we do not know the outcome.

Thanks. I have input all the details as far as I am able, and I selected the SSL-TLS on special port (legacy). I don’t see how to enter the ports manually, however. The ports seem to be assigned or tested for a “fix” automatically. 

I personally think the order in which they are displayed in the settings may cause confusion. Selecting a security policy will automatically change the port number to the default for that policy.  So if you have an unusual setup, you enter a port number, then change the security policy, which again resets the port number.

But after selecting security policy, you can go back and change the port number.