Cannot get my Pro Lifetime eM Client to accept license

The license box appears and I paste my lifetime upgrade password from the email I received from you guys, and after I click to activate it just shows NO license. There is also no other information in the License box… no name, issue date, etc. I have an individual version of eM Client.

I uninstalled Pro 9 and reinstalled it. The same issue… cannot get it licensed. What am I to do?

Name: Edward Stoddard
Pro license with lifetime upgrades issued: 4/22/2016

I am having an issue with Windows 10 at the moment, some parts seem corrupted, and am trying to repair or reinstall but can’t even do that. I still don’t understand why eM client would not accept my license, however.

Thanks for any help or info you (anyone) can provide. I’m at a loss.

viernes 30 junio 2023 :: 0931hrs (UTC +0100)

I suggest that you resolve your Win 10 issues before trying to setup eMC.
You can try running the Windows repair utility:

Open Command Prompt in Admin mode:

Copy & Paste and run:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

then when the above has finished:

Copy & Paste and run:

sfc /scannow

They are both Microsoft utilities that can check/repair your system.
Missing or corrupt files will be replaced - could be the reason eMC won’t register.
You must be connected to the internet when carrying out these procedures.



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