Cannot get hotmail account to work

em client cannot connect to  How do I get this fixed??

Hello Walt,
go to Help > About and tell me which version of eM Client are you running.
Also, if there are any error messages in the Tools > Operations window, please take a screenshot of those.
Copy the contents of the Log tab from the same Operations window.

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Thank you for your reply!  I just installed eM CLient yesterday.  Version 6.0.23421.0.

Is anybody going to help with this??

Should i uninstall eM Client and look for a better product??

Hi Walt,
I also need the content of the Log tab as I mentioned, the error itself doesn’t really tell e where the problem is.
This could either be problem with AirSync or with the hotmail server, but I will need more information.
After this error pops up, click on the next tab labeled Log and copy it’s contents for me here.

Thank you,

There is a whole LOT of entries in that log, all of them have my email address.  All of which, have my email addresses in them.  I am not comfortable posting my email addresses to a public forum.  I’ve seen other posts where the mail servers are being blamed for similar errors, but how can that be the issue, when the webmail works fine.   No, there is a problem with how eM Client is trying to sink with AirSync that needs to be addresses…

Hi Walt,
you can send the logs to my work address [email protected], just please add link to this forum topic in the body of the email.


Problem was solved by switching the account to IMAP instead of AirSync.

How do i switch it to IMAP? I am having the same issue

Hello Dan,
go to Tools>Accounts section and when you set up New Account, go to Mail>Other instead of the automatic setup.
Your Incoming server is and Outgoing