Cannot get a free license

Cannot get a free license, submitted no key issued, resubmit it said the email address already issue license, ok then click the button and submit email address to get that same license, then system told me that can’t find this email address, how can I get it?

There was a similar problem at the beginning of the month.

Please see

I sent a message to Olivia in case it is happening again.

Hello C. K. Sze,
I just tested and checked the behaviour, and both the Free license registration site and the Lost key site seem to be working correctly.

However, I did not find any license registered to the email address you used on this forum.
Have you perhaps used a different address or made a typo either when getting the license or when trying to get the lost key? 
I suggest you try registering again and if you still have trouble send me the email address you are trying to use to [email protected]


Same problem. email client says I need a new license (I already had one) because trial period has expired. I contacted email client for a replacement license. They say they have mailed it to me. But I can’t receive email, because email client isn’t licensed. What do I do?

Login using the web interface for your email provider, and you will be able to view your email.