Cannot Find Delete from Server Option

I have looked all over the Accounts and Settings options and I cannot find the option to delete from Server. This is a pain because mail I have already deleted from eMClient still shows up on my phone or other laptop.



Ahh, call me whatever but I am not new to email clients and feel silly asking this but I can’t find the way to get to the Server Settings. No offense but you are only showing me the dialog box which I would have known what to do if I could find it. I’ve been to Settings and Accounts but can’t find the server options anywhere.

I believe the problem may be attributed to me assuming, without your original post clarifying, that you were using POP3. Perhaps you are not?

Menu > Accounts > POP3

No the account in questions is Comcast email which they require to be setup with an IMAP configuration.

ok, original post did not say either… so I had to guess.