Cannot find Auto CC for Emails [Not BCC]

I just moved from Mailspring to emClient. Most of the setup process went smoothly, but I cannot find a feature that will allow me to auto CC emails to my organization mailbox. It is a very necessary part of my workflow and if the feature is present in the App, please help me find it.
I did find the auto BCC feature in the account settings, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

Please help.

One way I’ve discovered is to create a mail template. In the template you can specify CC addresses, among other things. Once created, you assign the mail template for use with the account with Template for new mail.

Menu / Settings / Mail / Templates and Signatures.

I created a mail template with only the CC address in it.
Now I’m confused as to whether it would work automatically or do I have to toggle any option while replying to the email

If you want the template to be used when replying, you need to set it as Template for replies for the account in question. If you don’t, leave Template for replies as unselected.

It might be helpful to select Show Cc and Bcc fields when composing found under Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose. This will make it easier to verify that the Cc is as you want it when it’s time to make a new message or reply.

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OMG it worked. Thanks a ton.
I just created the email template with the CC field and applied to to New mail, replies and forwards. Its working now.
You are a life saver.

You’re welcome. Glad it’s working for you.

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