Cannot find Auto bcc

Does anyone know where can I find the Auto BCC option?

Thank you!

Be in main program, not an email you are composing.

Go to:

tools–>settings–>mail–>compose–>click box for show cc, bcc etc

I’m looking for the AUTO BCC. I need emails sent to be delivered in bcc automatically to certain addresses.


I don’t know that v6 has such a feature and am not familiar with v7.

Go to menu/tools/accounts and select the appropriate account. In the General tab, under the “Copies” section, enter an address in the “Bcc address” box.

That was it! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

where’s the “copies” section? Do not see it. See screen shot.

I assume this is v6?  Not sure that version had it.  My remark relates to v7.  Don’t really use auto bcc: so I don’t recall it in v6.

ok, suspected that. I’m on v6 until the complaints on v7 dampen out some.  Thanks.

Opened a new thread on this topic , for version 8.0 or newer.