Cannot edit or add new labels

I have installed the newest trial/pro version of EM client. The labels feature seem not to work.
Each timne I add a new labels it dissappears as sson as I want to apply it. It is just not in the list anymore. If I edit an existing label to my needs , the change is gone as soon as I try to add the changed label.

Is this a bug?

Are you sure you have saved your additions or changes before applying your new tags? (top left in the tags window: Save & Close)

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Thanks for your input. That was my mistake. I thought pushing ok would do the job.

As I started the client to check your advice the client crashed. A repair of database failed and I was directed to support. on a second start it dunctioned again.

I hope the em-client cannot destroy the integrity of my mails at the providers servers.

Glad everything’s working fine now.

Give yourself time to explore this wonderful piece of software. It is the best email client out there, second to none!

Pro User - V.8.2.1180

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