Cannot drag multiple attachments to a new or forwarded message

This was working yesterday but when I create and reply to a message, it no longer allows me to drag any attachment in.  I can add them one by one with the attachment button. If I remember there was a small area under the subject like and it is no longer there. I am running Windows 7 pro and I tried all the themes.  running latest version 6 of EMClient.

Hi Joseph, if you want to drag and drop the attachment onto a new message, you should be able to drag the attachment anywhere in the compose window area to attach it to the message, no need to put it into a special drop area.

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact version number in help > about?

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It used to work until a few days ago.  Version 6.0.2103.40

I can add them via the attachment button on top but can no longer drag them into the message.  I get a circle with a line through it when I attempt to bring the file in.

I tried different types of files and they all do the same.

The other thing it does now, which it never did before is when I bring up the client for the first time it asks me if if the program can make changes to the computer (UAC).  That is not a big deal, but not sure if the two problems are related as I thought I would mention it.

And I have reset the machine many times since then and ran an anti virus and malware scan so the machine is clean.


Hi Joseph, I’m afraid this might be a system issue rather than an application issue, please update your eM Client to this release and check if the issue persists, ? If it does, please also check if you have the latest available version of .NET framework installed on your computer (4.5.2.), which you should be able to do in the list of installed programs.

Where are you dragging the message from in case the issue persists? Are you dragging a locally saved file from your desktop (file system)?

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I am dragging from a local directory and even tried from the desktop.

But if I open an email that has an attachment I can drag the file in.  Weird.

I upgraded to the emclient version you sent me - No change.
I upgraded from .net 4.51 to 4.52 - No change
I upgraded from .net 4.52 to 4.53 (prerelease) no change

Not sure what else to try.

Problem is fixed.
I unchecked Run as Administrator and it now works. Not sure why but that was the issue.  I do remember it asking me at some point if I wanted to do that and I think it was related to it having to rebuild the database because it did not shutdown properly. Was trying to get the annoying message to approve the app off and I saw that it had the run as admin checked so I removed that and wallah.
All back to normal.  Thanks

Hi Joseph, glad you were able to resolve this issue, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,