Cannot download Pop3 email from Yahoo/AT&T


I have just started using eM Client two days ago.
Beginning last night about 8:30 eM will not download email. I have AT&T email which is managed by Yahoo. I have tried the three server settings listed on attachment, and the two ports 995 and 110.
The eM version is 7.2.37965.0.
This is installed on MacBook Pro running Mojave OS Version 10.14.6.
I have also tried the Yahoo 3rd Party App Password Key. This didn’t help.
BTW, I can download email on the iPad and Window desktop pc running Outlook 2013, just not on MacBook Pro with eM.

Prior to eM I was using MS Outlook 2016 for Mac. It has a major problem with downloading duplicate emails. eM was working well until last night.

Thank you.