Cannot Download eMClient 8

Having difficulty downloading the new client 8. It says a program for the installer cannot run and the upload is aborted. I cannot download 8 to install on my computer. I am running eMClient 6.0.24985.0 because i constantly lose my files when trying to upload a newer version, like 7. so I decided to try 8, and now i can’t even install it.

Try downloading from here:


Can you do a screenshot of the actual error message you get when you are trying to install V8. Also what version of Windows are you running.

a program for the installer cannot run and the upload is aborted

This sounds like it could be the error people are getting when they try to install version 7 after installing version 8. The databases are not backwards compatible so it’s really important to delete/rename the database before downgrading from 8 to 7, or 7 to 6.

thanks very much for the help/reply. Actually, after many many attempts, it actually finally installed! I don’t know why it wouldn’t and why all of a sudden it did. However, while working fine now it seems, why, whenever i open the program to get mail on my computer, does it always send up a cautionary box that asks if I want to allow this app to make changes on my computer? Why can’t it just open, as it did before in older versions? Do you think something did not install correctly? It does work fine once I click that, but it seems a tedious thing to have to click that every time I want to get my mail.

by the way I am running Windows 10 Home (2004), 64 bit. Do I need to update my windows version? If so, do not know how I would do that.

@Monica_E_Smith Sounds like when EM Client installed it didn’t think you had an eg: Administrator login in your profile or just something went wrong when it installed so prompts you every time to open.

“Right click” on the EM Client Icon on your desktop and then click (Properties) at the bottom. Next click the (Compatibility) Tab at the top. Finally place a check / tick in the box marked “Run this program as an administrator” and click “Apply & Ok” at the bottom. Then you should be able to dbl-click the icon without getting the prompt.

If you still get asked for the prompt, make a backup of EM Client via the Menu / Backup option at the top left. Then uninstall EM Client and when asked do you want to delete the database (going through the EM Client uninstall (choose not to delete the database) and click finish & reboot your pc.

Then reinstall the latest version from the release history page and it will normally pickup your existing EM Client database and open as normal without a prompt.

Note:- If it doesn’t pickup your exiting EM Client database on reinstall after reboot, you can restore your backup via Menu / File / Restore.

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Can’t download V8. I’d just be very grateful.

How about much more information.