Cannot detect sender email (indonesian email)

Hi eM community,

I am using eM client for my email hosted
I set it up automatically using eM client, and can retrieve the inbox.
However, when trying to compose new mail/reply, the eM client cannot find a sender email.

Under the operations tab, it also said that *email* connecting to *email* failed.

Please advise.

Sorry cant understand why connecting to “email” failed. Did I join this.

Please send me a reply.

I live in New Zealand not in Indosat. This word sounds like Indonesiarn to me mot New Zealand.  Or is this word means just a pass word?

the email domain is
When i set it up with eM Client, I am unable to send emails because my email is not listed under the accounts.
i am able to receive and view emails. Please advise.

I am also having the same problem of sending emails using outlook and Claws mail.

Did you contact your provider It would seem that if the problem exists on all mail clients, it has to do with their services.

However, if you had setup the account in eM Client, even incorrectly, it would show in the drop down list in the new message screen. Which it isn’t.

I would suggest that you follow the instructions to setup a new account in eM Client and see if this makes any difference.

[]( New Account.htm “Link http//wwwemclientcom/webdocumentation/en/70/eMClient/DefaulthtmAccounts/Create”)[New Account.htm]( New Account.htm “Link http//wwwemclientcom/webdocumentation/en/70/eMClient/DefaulthtmAccounts/Create New Accounthtm”)

You could try the section, Setting up particular email addresses, and enter your account details manually.