Cannot delete "Missed Even"

I have a daily pop-up “Missed Event” (not a “Reminder”) which I cannot seem to cancel. It appears every morning. I cannot delete it manually as it does not appear in the list of reminders. I have tried all three options, “dismiss, execute and dismiss all” and none of them work. Can anyone help please?

What version of eM Client are you using? Can you please open the calendar, find the event and disable the reminder manually? Then let me know if it helps.

Hello George,
Thank you for your reply. I am using Version 5.0.17595.0. I have looked for this event everywhere I can think of on my calendar but it does not appear on the calendar itself or in the list of events in Agenda view - so I am unable to delete it manually. There is no option to open the event on the pop-up reminder, only the three options I detailed in my original email. It’s a bit of a mystery.

Did you try doubleclick on the the event in the reminder window? It should open the event in new separate window.

Yes, I have tried doubleclicking but it doesn’t open.

Hello George,
Another event has been added to the Missed Events pop-up as well. The first event I wrote to you about is a daily event - but I am not getting a daily reminder for it as I should do.
The new one is a birthday which, obviously, is an annual event. The reminders for this birthday was set to appear 4 days before the event and I have dealt with each reminder notification by checking the “remind me in one day’s time” box. I did get a reminder for this today (which should be the last one) AS WELL AS it appearing on the Missed Events pop-up list. I’m interested to know what is a “Missed Event” is anyway? Thanks.

Can you post here a screenshot? Thank you.

Thank you for your response, George, but I was just about to let you know that the problem seems to have solved itself. I can’t explain why but ever since I deleted an alternative reminder for the same event on a small application called “Calendar Reminder” the reminder from eM Client has not appeared. I don’t understand it at all. I much appreciate your help but before we finish this dialogue could you just explain what a “Missed Event” is? There is no mention of it in the help file.
With many thanks,