Cannot delete message under gmail IMAP account

I just download the beta 2 and give it a try.  Immediately I found an issue, is that I cannot delete my message.  When I click delete or press delete, it will prompt to confirm.  After confirm, the em client simpy add trash label to the message without deleting it.  When I close and open back, the message is still in my inbox and without the trash label.  Is it a bug there?

Hi Wei,
that is indeed a buggy behavior, but I cannot replicate the issue.
Could you please turn on IMAPlogging?

Go to Tools>Settings>Advanced.
Check IMAP for your gmail account.
Restart eM Client.
Delete a message.
Restart, and if the message is back in Inbox go to the Advanced settings again, click ‘Send logs’ but change the recipient to and add the link to this forum topic in the body of the message.
(Also, ideally, add the name or an EML of the email that has returned)
Thank you.


Hi, just sent out the logs.