cannot delete gmail message

I’ve upgraded to the latest version; everything is working fine; it automatically recovered every account but now I cannot move nor delete any message directly from the Inbox. Only drag n’drop allows me to do that.

This only happens with my GMAIL IMAP account; I have an other IMAP account thar works fine…

Yesterday, with the other version this was not an issue

Hello Emanuel,
unfortunately this is a behaviour that cannot be changed at this time.

In eM Client 7 we implemented a new way we work with Gmail and now support their label system.
Unfortunately this means that the ‘Move’ action in the dropdown menu behaves as Copy. We were able to work around it in the drag&drop solution.
Also, for deleting messages, I suggest using the ‘Delete’ key.

Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately the keyboard ‘Delete’ key also doesn’t work; When can we expect to have this issue solved?

How can I Install the  version6? 

We are very sorry to see that you decided not to keep eM Client 7 with all its cool features. To revert back to eM Client 6 simply uninstall eM Client from your PC and install eM Client 6 from here: Let us know if you need any further help please. 

Hi, having the same issue. When using the Delete button it just gets marked Pink as Trash but stays in Inbox? Is there anyway to change this?

I am in the process of helping someone transition to emClient and this is a serious issue - delete needs to delete. Is there any resolution to this issue on the horizon? “Cannot”, unfortunately, isn’t a resolution and could force us to look for other email client options. Thanks.