Cannot create new calendar entries

I have had emclient for many years. I have never had this problem before. I am trying to create a new calendar entry and when I save it it briefly flashes on my screen in the right spot then disappears.
I have tried rebooting the app and rebooting my PC but no luck.

Help. I need my calendar back!

You should check in which calendar you are creating the event. If it is a read-only calendar like a holiday calendar, or an Internet calendar, the event can’t be saved there.

Create a new event, and before you save it, select the correct calendar from the options.

In version 9 we have fixed this so you will be notified if the folder you have chosen is not writable, rather than just having the event disappear.

I have a similar problem version 8. If looking for update, I get the answer no update available. In my calendar, it flashes briefly in red before disappearing. If creating with directly, it shows up the next time I start eM Client. I can then change it in eM Client and save it.

I found the problem. The latest version of eClient Calendar keeps chaning the default calendar you are editting to Holidays instead of your core personal calendar. It looks the same but the Holidays calendar is read only thus the “flash red” and disappear.

When you enter the calendar booking popup you need to go to the drop down box at top and choose your main calendar instead of the holidays one that it is defaulting to.

However after suffering with this issue everytime I try and book something (having to change the default calendar in every session) I see that it seems to have fixed itsef. It now defaults to my main calendar again. I don’t know if there was a patch or ??

Hope this helps.

The default calendar is whichever one you are in.

So if you are in the Holiday calendar when you create a new event, that is the one that is chosen as the save destination. As it is a read-only calendar, the event will not be saved there. As I said above, version 9 will let you know that you can’t save it there, and give you the option to change the destination before you save it again.

The best solution is to click on the calendar folder where you want to create the event before you click on the New button.

Seems Brian20 and Gary is right, but never had that problem earlier on. It would have been better that a default calendar can be chosen instead of this annoying problem. And even have to choose the wanted calendar every time. How it works in version 9 is unknown top me as my lifetime license will not let med upgrade??

You choose a default calendar by selecting one. Just click on its name. Then no matter what section of eM Client you are in, when you create a new event, it will pre-select that calendar folder for the save.

If you have a free or lifetime upgrade license and you are not being offered an upgrade to version 9, please download it directly from here:

Yeah but that is the problem Gary. It wasn’t working like that for a while. I am a long time user of emClient and I know how it is supposed to work. When I raised the issue back in Feb it stopped working that way and that is why I raised the issue.

I would have my personal calendar selected and open and then would try to book a calendar entry and it wouldn’t work. When I looked at the drop down box at the top re which calendar it was trying to save to; instead of the calendar I was in (my personal one) it was defaulting to the “Holidays” calendar all the time. So everytime I wanted to book something I had to change it back to my personal calendar.

It went on like this for a couple/three weeks then all of a sudden it seemed to be working properly again. Don’t know if a small update happened or ???

That means you are in the Holiday calendar.

Just click on the calendar NAME where you hope to save the event to, and then try reproduce the issue.