Cannot create Calendars in Ical Server using eM Client.

I’m trying to use eM Client to connect to an Ical server (Mac os 10.6 server)
I cannot create calendars in Ical server from eM Client.
I can create the account and connect to the server, and see the default calendar. But when I try to create a new calendar I get:
“Creating folder failed with error:
Server doesn’t support creating calendar folders in this location.”

The server is working fine when I use an Ical client in a mac computer.
Is there anyone who can help me with it, please ?


What URL have you used to setup the account? Have you followed the instructions at… ?

Thanks for your reply.
I modified the URL and it’s working now, I could create an account in the client and connect to the server. It was just a typing mistake. Thanks.

But now I’m having another problem delegating the this account on emclient. I couldn’t get much info about it , but what I did was as follow:
1.- Underneath Calendar, I right clink in the new account and go to properties.
2.- Click on Access Control tab.
3.- in the upper pane I click Add and I got another windows called “Select users or Groups”
4.- From here I can see the list of users on the server and select one of them.
5.- The user is added on the list, but when I click “OK” I get the error “Failed to set Access control list (Forbidden)”
Am I doing something wrong? Is it the right way to delegate an account?
Sorry to bother with this, It would be great if I can make it work.

Thanks again for your help.