Cannot create a unique email signature per each email account, even though I follow the necessary steps.

I am new to eM Client with two accounts currently linked. I am trying unsuccessfully to create two unique signatures, one for each email account I have. when I compose an email, from whichever account they both default to the same signature. Please assist


Tools - Settings - Templates and Signatures

then under Signatures click on “Signatures…” button make all signatures you need:
add - name your signature - write down what you need - click okay
repeat until you have all signatures you need and click on okay.

now under “select signature for account:” select your signature for new mail, reply or/and forward.
click on apply
again under “select signature for account:” choose another email account and choose signatures you want and after that click on apply again and then on OK.

you can simply test it by sending email to your another account or select in left side panel Mail account you want to and click on new mail, it will be there automatically.

with regards