Cannot connect to licensing server

I often travel around the world, staying in different hotels each week for 3-6 months at a time. About 10-14 days into each of my trips, I start getting this error: “eM Client has been unable to contact update and license server for X days…” This puts me into offline mode, effectively making me unable to check my emails. I looked at the forums before posting this topic and saw that I should put into my firewall… but I cant do this because the firewall is not controlled by me. I can access the client fine while I’m at home (infrequently), so it’s not a setting on my computer. How do I get around this or do I need to find another email client / request a refund?

forgot to mention that I change the location I stay at frequently on my trips (about 1-2 weeks in one location, then go to a different location, etc…)

Hi Samuel, unfortunately eM Client need to connect to it’s licensing server at least once in every 14 days, however it tries to connect to the server once in 24hours and if it’s not able to connect this message will be displayed.
I understand this is a tricky situation, when you can’t access your email due to firewall in your hotel etc., but this is unfortunately something we can’t change.
If firewall is blocking the connection eM client should work properly for 14 days if licensing server is unavailable, after this period you’ll only be able to access your currently downloaded emails, but won’t be able to use all eM client’s features.

Thank you for understanding,