Cannot connect to Gmail server via IMAP

everyday i come home and check my new eM client program which i like i see that the mailprogram has an error on the screen that it cannot connect to my 3 gmail accounts i have configured and setup as IMAP accounts.

The only reason why i am thinking that my 3 gmail accounts are giving problems is that i also use my iPhone during the day to check my gmail every 30 mins.

This prevents me from buying this program since i never got these connection errors when i was using Mozlla Thunderbird.
Does somebody know why i get this ?

New emails do show up in my Inbox, so emails appear…but it looks like if there are sometimes connection errors (maybe my iPhone is also connecting at the same time ?) but then i expect that these windows do not stay there on the screen.

See below a screendump…

I have to select a related product on the right in the Related Product / Service but eMClient version 3.5 is not shown there, so i selected version 3.0

is there nobody who know an answer to this issue, i am planning to purchase the license, but this is a showstopper for me…

we would appreciate if you send us logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check Network communication. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (with reference to this topic) using the same logging settings window.


George Wilson
eM Client

Hello George, what did you find out about this problem. Since a week I cannot download any mail from gmail. Deleting my account and renewing it did not work. Problem exists on my laptop, not my desktop.

I have to ask my colleagues who are analyzing the logs - they will let you know ASAP.

Any update on this? I am having the same issue and am thinking of uninstalling the software as it’s practically useless for me right now with the same errors!!

I have send them the logs and everything they needed and then you don’t hear anything anymore.
No they don’t take their customers serious is my feeling.
I have an iPad, an Android phone, PC with emClient and I read email during the day from all these devices.
Only the PC is giving these errors very often in emClient but the iPad and Galaxy Note 2 never have any problems.


I am sorry for this very long delay, but please can you try altering your synchronization - tools - settings - general - Synchronization to more than 15 minutes? Some email servers cause problems when there are too much requests in short time span.


My problem was the gmail account itself. Some unclear security problem …Not all problems are EmClients fault. Btw the latest updates of the software make it a lot better!

I am happy to read that problem is solved.


Hi Guys

Ive just downloaded this app, impressed with its layout however today I faced this issue. I reinstalled the client and so far its working well. Im not sure what is causing this error. I need to wait, test this for few more days before I purchase the pro.


Same issue. I am uninstalling this buggy email client. I have had enough stupid problems like this with Thunderbird for one lifetime. Sorry. Too bad, it seemed promising.


I am sad to read this, if you have not uninstalled already then I can try to help you resolve your issue.

I suppose that you are having problems with IMAP also (same as original topic’s theme).
Go to Tools - Settings - Advanced, mark off IMAP under your account, apply and restart client.

then try to synchronize and send me those logs to:
together with this topic’s URL:…