Cannot change old display name for Calendar

When first installing EM, I used a display name for myself, let’s say ‘A’.  I have since changed that original display name to ‘B’.  When viewing my Calendar, it still calls the Calendar ‘A’s Calendar’.  I can’t seem to change this. 

Hello Anna, you can rename your calendars by right clicking the calendar in the left pane and selecting “Rename” from the dropdown.


That’s not what I get.  right clicking calendar or anywhere in the left panel has everything but rename.

Hi Anna,
if this is your main calendar it might be taking the name from your mail server - did you change it there? If that is the case, please try right-clicking your calendar > Preperties > Repair to manually resync your calendar info?
could you please take a screenshot of what you see in the dropdown menu if this doesn’t work?

Best regards,