Cannot change incoming mail sound

I have changed the sound played for new messages (Settings–>Notifications–>Incoming Mail sound) and have closed and reopened emClient, but it still plays the old sound.  Is there something else I need to do? 


Hi Chad what file format is the new sound saved in?
Can you make a screenshot from Tools > Settings > Notifications?
What version of eM Client are you currently using?

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I did the same and its simply not working

Hi Yasemin,
I’ll need to ask for the same information as above: What version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you make a screenshot from Tools > Settings > Notifications?

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Dear Olivia. I’ve been sitting with this many hours today trying to figure out what the f— I am doing wrong. I just downloaded soundfiles that did NOT have the name: “mP3” Problem solved. Now that I have you here: ANY way that out to the right side of the eM client panel one can costomize it to show Contacts, (and I know this option is at the bottom of the left corner). Thank you so much for answering.

If you mean that you wish to move the just Contacts item from the left menu to the right side, I am afraid that such customization is not possible.

Yes out at the right site of the eM client where there is: “contacts details, Agenda, chats”. Could be awesome to also have contacts there then to scrool down through them. Also I thought that the"chat" were facebook-messenger-chat, but its not… then its somewhat useless…

if there is any feature you’re missing (the contacts), you can post an Idea thread about it on the forum and other users can vote on it.
As for the chat, you can input your contacts in there from most common instant messaging systems (google talk, jabber, msn, aol, icq, yahoo,…), but FB chat unfortunately can’t work - that is not something we decided to not do, but we had to remove it after facebook discontinued the API needed for facebook chat to work in third party applications, as you can read on our blog >…

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OH I see Olivia. Thank you for such clear answer. Very nice of you. Okay. Well then the chat function is useless for me. But Ill maybe post my ideas as you advise me to to in the correct forum. Thank you again. Getting good at using this chat-forum, and it works. Splendid. 

I go to my profile and then make a new tread from there yes? regarding for example to post an idea for future features to eM client.

You dont need to go to your profile. Just go to the main forum page and click New post.

oh jesus christ! Im sorry Olivia, me being completely BLIND!!! Thank you.