cannot change graphic in signature

Looks like there’s some quirkiness in signature editing. After importing settings from another computer a graphic in the signature was missing. I just figured that this was because the graphic was not on the new computer, so i put it on the new computer, but in a different folder. Then i inserted it using the signature editor.

That appeared to work fine, but when i went to send an email i got an error that the graphic could not be found - at the old image path that was originally in the settings. Restarting eM Client and rebooting Windows did not help. Seems that the path to the image just wasn’t being updated. I tried changing the file name but it didn’t help. In the end all i could do was delete the signature and create it again from scratch, which worked fine.

I was going to suggest deleting and recreating the signature. Glad that worked.

Was the image inserted as a link?

Did you import the signature with Menu > File > Import > Import settings from xml?

No, it was inserted just as an image, no link.

Yes, imported via eM Client’s import menu from settings.xml

I have the same problem today. I deleted the image placemarkers, but I still get an error EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’m in the midst of a problematic web site migration and every time I respond to support I get the damn emClient signature error.

Save the image in a location on your disk where it will not be deleted or renamed.

Go back to the signature, edit it and remove the old image placeholder. Insert the image again using Insert > Image. As long as you don’t delete or rename the original file, it will be there in the signature.

This seems to be a bug. There is no way to delete an image/replace an image in a signature. If the user moves emClient and/or images then emClient will error and continue to error until all the signature files that contain images are blown away. The signature must be deleted and recreated.

Please see my comment above in which I gave instructions on how to delete and replace the image.

The image in the signature is linked to a file on your disk. If you delete or rename the file, it breaks the signature. In version 9 we have changed the way pasted images work in the signature, so you can paste the image rather than linking it. Open the image in another app and copy it. Back in eM Client, edit the signature and paste the clipboard into it. The image will now be embedded in the signature HTML, and will not create a linked file in the temp directory.

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Thanks, sounds great.