Cannot change font type.

I was initially able to change the font under “Compose” and with signatures. After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I can no longer change the font type but I can change the font size and color. The program is stuck with the Verdana font no matter what I do. This is also true with signatures. In fact, the fonts in my signatures changed after the upgrade. This also affects composing emails and selecting and choosing different font types. I’m using Windows Defender (the default antivirus) since any other antivirus program interferes with my TV media capabilities. Other items in settings will change. Only the font type will not.

One additional item. I unistalled the program, deleted the data folder, and the problem still exists with a clean install.

OK… I found the problem… Evidently, eM Client uses the IE rendering engine. I had turned on the accessibility options using my own style sheet in “Internet Options”. This overrode the eM Client settings.


I am sorry that it took me too long to respond, anyway I am happy that you have find solution to your issue.

Jsut to make you sure - yes, eM Client does use Internet Explorer core. IE settings can and often affect eM Client and updating IE does very often resolve many eM Client issues - mainly with broken emails.

with regards