Cannot archive iCloud emails

I cannot archive my iCloud emails like I do using ctrl+shift+a with Gmail which works just fine. I only delete true junk mail messages, so not having this is a deal breaker. Have to click move to folder then archive. Too many steps.  Love everything else so far!

Hi Charles, unfortunately iCloud does not support the archiving feature as Gmail does.
Maybe in future when an archive folders are supported on iCloud.

Thank you,

I am too looking for an Archive button for my iClooud account that will quickly move emails to that folder in iCloud. I know Postbox has it and it works. I am coming from using Macs and found eM Client to be the best balance of beauty and brains for Windows.

Hi Jonathan, I’m glad you like the application, and we’re especially glad to hear that you consider it the best balance of beauty and brains for windows. However unfortunately online archivation e.g. making the Archive button available in Inbox has to be enabled by the server.

Your server has to support online archivation and \archive flags.