Cannot add HTML signature to email

I cannot see an option for inserting an HTML signature into my emails - I have put my HTM file in the correct file location but in the New Signature box there isn’t an “insert HTML” button.

Hi Kate, not completely sure what you have in mind by putting the HTML file into correct file location.

If you want to create an HTML signature in eM Client, navigate to the signature editor and create a new signature, right click the editing area and select Insert > HTML.

Add your HTML code and confirm your input, the code should be immediately displayed as translated content from the HTML file, however please note it is not currently possible to edit the inserted code, once you insert it into the signature.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Paul - I was expecting that I would be able to use an HTM file (like I had previously done in Outlook 2013) and that was why I mentioned the file location.

I actually found a video which showed me how to do it by just copying and pasting, and that seems to be working fine.

Your post is the first time I’ve seen right-clicking to insert HTML as part of the instructions - thanks!