cannot add event from email account to different calendar account

I receive email via an account but my calendar is on an icloud account.  When I get an .ics event in my email I get the first error messages (see captures). When I try to select the icloud calendar from the list, I get the second message.   I see it is probably because it cannot find a calendar on my account, but I cannot see how to tell it to add the event to the icloud account instead.  Also, even when I add the ics event to the icloud calendar using my ipad, it still does not sync to the eMClient calendar, although all events I add manually to either ipad or eMClient sync just fine.  I don’t care how I get it on the calendar–through eMclient or ipad, but somehow it has to end up on both calendars.  I am using eMClient 6.0.21372.0

Hi if this error is shown you don’t have a default calendar folder setup for the yahoo/att account, please navigate to Tools > Accounts > Your problematic account and setup the default calendar folder to the selected iCloud calendar.

Please note you have to select current calendar folder, not the account the calendar folder belongs to, e.g.


So I got that sort of to work.  There were three problems though.  One, I could not link the yahoo/att account to an existing icloud calendar–it made a new one.  Second, I kept getting this error message, even though I checked “Use these credentials” and gave the icloud login ( under the yahoo/att account Calendar tab.  Third, the .ics events, even though they now added fine in the eMClient calendar, did NOT sync with my actual  icloud account,

For the record, I also tried the other way and made a calendar under the yahoo/att account, added a few of the .ics events (worked fine), then tried to add that calendar to my ipad and iphone via icloud and that did not work either.  The calendar was there, but not the .ics events.  Somehow, these .ics events only seem to be able to be added to ONE calendar and simply do not sync up with any other calendar.

So I simply do not have many of these .ics events to add, so rather than continue to wrestle with this issue, it will probably take me less time to simply add them manually.  When added manually to either the emClient or my icloud account, they sync just fine.

Hi, thank you for the submitted screenshot, based on this screenshot it seems you’re trying to authenticate with an iCloud email address to your account, when unauthorized is shown, please try to authenticate using your att credentials.

However if possible try to use your user name without the domain part as your user name along with your password. If the unauthorized issue persists, please make a screenshot of your contacts/calendars settings of your yahoo/att account from Tools > Accounts and submit the screenshot here on the forum.

Also please note adding a calendar event into one of your calendar folders should not sync the calendar event with other folders, this is not an available feature in eM Client, only the calendar events added to each calendar will be synchronized with the server.

Thank you,