Cannot activate free version

My free trial period is about to finish.
I have an activation code but the button ACTIVATE does not exist, the only buttons there are DEACTIVATE.and CLOSE.
I can send a picture if needed.
Should I use DEACTIVATE and then maybe the ACTIVATE will appear?

What should I do?

read the topic ‘licence v8 trial’. maybe that will help you.
Check what type of license you currently have via Menu > Help> license.

Thanks for the link, but unfortunately there was nothing there to help.
I have Free V8 installed.
1 - Should I use the DEACTIVATE button, and then maybe ACTIVATE will appear and I can enter the activation code?
2 - What will happen when my trial time expires in three days? Do I loose all me emails, or can I then enter the activation code

as I understand it you will get a nag message that says -1 days left on the day after the trial ends.

Some hours after getting that message (which I assume you click through) as you use emclient again, you will get the pop up about 30 day trial expired and you have the option of buyin g pro or’close’. If you close, you are out of the trial period and no pop up nag will appear again. if you check the license (menu>help> license) it will say Free. You should be good to go.
My assumption is that they send you the -1 days left message to be a trigger to end the trial. It may take a few hours until the license server recognizes you are through the trial period and then the license server allows emclient to issue the pop up about the 30 day trial ended. Once you select ‘close’ your license is set to Free.

They could have made it clearer, but hey they are making you work for the free license.

For the record, my 30 day trial doesn’t end until mid August, but I worried from day 1 how emclient was going to deal with the end of trial period, so I reached out via the forum and others who were nearing the end of the trial and then finally ended the trial period shared their experience. All 3 of them successfully converted to a free license, so I am confident that when my trial period is over, the same process will work for me.

I would be interested in seeing what the ‘nag’ pop up screen looks like that is counting down the number of days left in the trial- if you are willing to take time to post it.

I have tried DEACTIVATING and then REACTIVATING with my key, but it still shows Free (V8 trial until 30-07-2020)

I guess I’ll have to wait to see what happens at the end of the month.
Just for interest… I did get and activate the free licence some months ago and all was fine until recently when emclient offered an update. The update was installed and I lost all emails form one of my two email address.
Also from this point on the current problem became apparent. So I think the client got confused.

i have had emclient for about 3 years , but only on one email account. All has been good though the 3 years and the upgrade to 8 was by me checking for ‘Software updates’ via the menu in v7. I think this will work out at the end of the 30 day period. I tried my best to short cut the time period -because I have no interest in a Pro license, but it became very apparent that I just had to wait out the 30 day period and deal with the nag screens for 5 or 6 days.

I guess you are right, so I’ll just wait and see what happens.
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.