Cannot activate Free Edition !

I can’t activate my eM Client, app keeps saying :

Problem has occurred when contacting the licensing server:
The request failed with HTTP status 417: Expectation failed.

it seems this is a very specific problem with the router that is not able to route the activation message correctly. Please copy the unpacked file from this location: to a directory where eM Client is installed (most probably C:/Program Files (x86)/eM Client/. Then restart eM Client and try to activate eM Client again. It should work.

Nope, the problem still exist, I’m hoping to get a ’ real ’ solution soon !

Sadly it’s not working !

Is this a joke ? Up until now I still don’t get anymore respond ! I managed to get it to works once by editing the version number in your config file but after I re-install my Windows the trick doesn’t seem to work anymore… :(((

Can u plzzzzzzzzzz help me ???

The root of the problem lies within your internet connection is blocking eM from communicate with it license server. You’ll have to unblock it on the router/firewall.

But I don’t even have any firewall installed ! Windows default ? I never enable that ! ;(

Routers have built in firewall. You must configure the router so block is done at end-point by user.

But it doesn’t make sense, at least it used to work before !

No change has been made to the router, I’m on a local network though…

Are you using the pro or free license?

Hehe, is that the disadvantage of Free version ???

No it not. However, if you have recently upgrading or change your PC, this error message may appear. Another possibility is that you have more than 2 account in eM during your trial period, and activated free license afterwards.

If it the later, you need to delete the additional account or buy the Pro license.

But I only have 1 account, not to mention this also happened before when I haven’t even set up any account yet.

Really appreciate the help anyway but it still hasn’t helped me :frowning: