Cannot access license manager and not receiving any emails

I am not receiving any help from the “paid” support, so I’m hoping I can get help here.  I have to say that the ‘support’ I have received has been the worst I have ever had to endure.  Instead of reading what I write, it’s like talking with an inattentive three year old that has no grasp of any basics!
Below is my last and final correspondence which doubtlessly will get answered SEVERAL DAYS FROM NOW with a one-liner that doesn’t resolve anything.  To clarify I received an email that my license login was reset and sent to my email.  I never received an email.  To be clear, from the very beginning, when I first purchased my liceneses the login credentials never worked!
My other problem is that all of my accounts, saved emails, etc suddenly disappeared from emClient.  I had to restore these manually from the backed up emClient directory after my hard drive failed (copied the database files into the newly installed emClient on my new hard drive).  Two days later, everything in emClient vanished. 

I am posting this, hoping that THERE is SOME SORT of supervisor or COMPETENT tech support person that can take over my ticket.  I still can’t believe that I was told point blank “no supervisor” and hung up on.  That’s about as rude and unprofessional as I’ve ever been treated, not to mention that if true, is NOT the way to structure a company.

So here is my last message sent from my ticekt:
I did not receive any email.  I checked all spam, trash folders, etc.  I am not getting your email.  I had previously set the emclient domain to be white listed, just in case that is the problem.

I tried the following credentials AGAIN!: 

_Still doesn’t work.

WHY CAN’T YOU JUST DO WHAT I ASK YOU???   CALL ME!!!   I’m trying to run a business and the fact that I bought this software doesn’t seem to interest you in the least.  THIS IS THE WORST TECH SUPPORT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!  YOUR RESPONSE RATE IS TWO DAYS!!! 

You don’t seem to pay attention to anything I have written.  You ask if I have access to the database folders and I clearly told you that “I copied those files into the newly installed emClient directory and initially everything worked, two days later everything disappeared.”  So yes I have access to the database folders and files because I had already told you I copied those over into the newly installed emClient directory.  Please, PAY ATTENTION!!!  I feel like I’m talking to an inattentive three year old!

IF YOU CANNOT CALL ME AT , THEN CHECK THE ABOVE CREDENTIALS LIKE LIKE I ASKED YOU IN MY VERY FIRST CORRESPONDENCE. DID YOU DO THAT? IF not, why not? I’m trying to diagnose WHY things aren’t working, and you are not doing anything to actually help me with that!!! CHECK THE CREDENTIALS!!! IF THEY DON’T WORK FOR YOU TO LOG IN EITHER, THEN SEND ME THE CORRECT CREDENTIALS DIRECTLY TO THIS SECURE TICKET! IS THAT SO DIFFICULT? If you can’t handle these simple requests then tell me how can I get support from someone competent that CAN handle these requests and actually pay attention to the problem I am describing.

I just called your technical support number. I asked to talk to a supervisor. I was told, “No supervisor”. Then I was instantly hung up on. This is getting beyond ridiculous. If I don’t get some kind of actual technical support that goes beyond one liners of “oh I don’t know what is going on” and “I sent an email”, then I am going to file a formal complaint with the better business bureau. I am fed up and someone needs to shut down this entire operation. You take people’s money, but when they have any problems you don’t actually help them, and won’t even talk with them. There is no supervisor I can talk to to try to resolve any issues I have. What kind of shady operation is this tech support number anyway? Not only is it not answerable to anyone, but they charge $80 up front not AFTER an issue is resolved. That’s a classic scam._

Oh, also it’s going on 12 days without getting anything resolved…which is what happens when it takes two to three days to heard back and then it’s just with “canned” responses completely inapplicable to my situation.

I would love a phone number to contact EmClient. The e mail is useless

There is no telephone support from eM Client, but if you have a Pro License, you can open a support ticket with them.