Cannot access content of emails

just updated emclient but cannot access content of emails

Hello Ruth_Freeman,

Which version did you upgrade to which version?
Did you make a database backup before the update?

IF update version 7 was made to version 8
version 8 has a new database format. You can only return to version 7 by restoring the backup.

After a windows update I have lost my E m Client, how do I get it back. Thank You. Ronald Hayes.

Hello scouse34,

the eM Client program is lost OR the data in the eM Client?

The installation file for the eM Client can be found at
Take the most recent entry e.g. 7.2.40748.0 if version 7, e.g. 8.0.3385.0 if version 8 was installed.

Maybe only the path to the database in eM Client is wrong? Menu - Settings - General - Memory (Translated from eM Client V8 German). Default is C:\Users<your-username>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.
If (all?) data in the eM Client has disappeared, the restore can help (if there is one).
Menu -> File -> Restore.

I believe I have the same catastrophic problem. In Local Folders, I have message headers, but the message content is blank. This occurred after an EM Client update. Unfortunately, because there were headers, I didn’t realize there was a problem until after backups wiped out the good data.

Backups destroy or change data? Probably not.

No. Because the data being backed up was blank, eventually even the oldest backup contained only headers and blank messages.

I have make a test:

I expand the Content of my Backup-File to C:\Test.

Then i start the eM Client (alternate database path)
“C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe” /dblocation C:\Test

Works fine.