Cannnot open em client after restore

I restored my computer (Windows 10) to an earlier date. Now I cannot open em client.
The icon is on the taskbar but nothing happens when clicked.

Try “Rebooting first”. Failing that try clicking on eM Client from the “Start menu”. Could be your shortcut is faulty. If that then works, drag out a new shortcut to your taskbar / desktop.

If not uninstall eM Client and “Don’t delete the database” on uninstall when asked. Delete your shortcut if still on the taskbar and check that the eM Client folder is deleted from C:\Program Files (x86).

Then download the same version of eM Client you were using from the version history page and install that, which should pickup your exiting database and open ok again.

how do i tell which version I have?

Click “Menu / Help / About” to see what version of EMC you have.

You could also “Undo your Restore Point” where eM Client (was working). Then open eM Client and click “Menu / Backup” Then check the version as above.

Then restore your computer again (to an earlier time) as you have done already and if it still won’t open, uninstall it and this time delete the database on uninstall and install a clean version of the same eM Client ver you had via the version history page above and then restore your EMC backup you created.