Can you save as .eml with customised filename?

Hello, I’m new to eMClient and have been soooo pleased with the clean look and customisable nearly everything … except …and for me this is huge … Please can someone tell me if it’s possible to change the file name of emails saved as .eml as you save them. (I don’t want to have to hunt for them individually afterwards to change them then!).

The default ‘save as’ just gives the subject and time which doesn’t work for me. I send 100s of emails with the same subject ;-0 so would like, at the least, to automatically add the Sender or Recipient to the subject and date that’s already given automatically. Ideally I’d also like the option to change the file name to anything I wish upon occasion … None of this seems possible … am I right? … is the only choice a folder to put it in? I wouldn’t want to have to create 100s of folders, one for each recipient!

Very much appreciate any help! Thank you!

Right-click in the message and choose Save As. Choose the folder and name the file.

If you are saving multiple messages at one time, they will automatically use the subject and date as their name.

Ah!!! :-)))) Thank you Gary! I hadn’t realised that the test email I’d used contained another email within it and that this triggered the automatic saving with subject and date. Brilliant! Many thanks for your speedy rescuing!