Can you link from a list to headings in an email? Links seem to be only to files and addresses outside the email

I’m trying to set up a kind of table of contents in a bullet list at the top of an email newsletter, with links to the headings further down. The links options seem to be to browse to addresses outside the email.

You can create the body text in an application that supports this through html and then paste it into your new email. This is the easiest way.

Or you can edit the html in your new email.
You need to surround each target in the body with the tags: and in the table of contents you need to surround the clickable link with:

You do this by selecting the point for your clickable table of contents entry. Right-click and choose Insert HTML. Then in the box add Heading 1. Now go to the point where the clickable link will take you further in the text, and right-click Insert HTML. Then in the box add Heading 1. Or you can just use without any text.

Each pair needs to have exactly the same “targetname” and it should be unique in the document.

Thank you Gary. I was hoping not to have to resort to editing html to do this, as it’s rather painful and slow.

I do create the newsletter in an application that supports this (Google docs), but when you paste it across, the links in the email cleverly take you back to the headings in the Google doc from whence they originated - not somewhere I want anyone else looking, even if they could access the document. :slight_smile:

This is really something EM client ought to be able to do IMHO. You can do it in Outlook, however messy the html ends up looking. If you can insert external links in EM client, why not internal ones? “Bookmarks” seem to have a different meaning in EM client.

Meanwhile, I’ll resort to manual editing of the html and swear a lot. :wink:

What happens if you export the Google doc? Will the links still point to the online document?

If I export it in html, open it with Firefox, then copy and paste it into EM client, the links now point to my Firefox document in a Temp folder.

If I export it in html, open it with Notepad, then insert that as html into EM client, the links are good, but much of the other formatting is lost.

If I export it as Word, the links don’t work and it gains formatting it never had, while losing other formatting… (hehehe… typical Microsoft)

Seems I can’t win.

Yes, MS Word is a problem There was a thread just recently about those difficulties.

If you like you can email me the exported HTML file and I will have a look.

Thanks. I will.
Interestingly, last time I created a newsletter in EM Client from Google docs, it was OK (although it contained no links). This time, when I pasted it it, there was no word wrap and all of the paragraphs disappeared off the screen. It was OK when sent to myself and opened, but I could find nothing anywhere about word wrap in EM client. Can you set a maximum character width? (different question, I know, sorry).

Thanks I received the file. It seems that eM Client is not able to properly incorporate the style sheet contained in the header information when you insert it as html from notepad. This is true if you paste as html, or if you copy and normal paste from a web page. I sent you an eml file of the same process followed in Thunderbird, which was able to properly use the style sheet info. So there is some limitation in eM Client.

Maybe others have had experience pasting from Google docs, and will offer their advice.

Thanks for your time Gary. Google docs seemed a good option, but it is no longer simply html so doesn’t quite speak the same language. You can no longer even edit the source in Google docs from its own menus (a feature of earlier versions).
The variablity of the way the newsletter appears in different clients (Em Client, Outlook, Thunderbird, gmail, email on iphone, bluemail for android ) and the mysterious loss of word wrap when copied from a google doc is also less than ideal.
I’ve decided to let Outlook work its dubious magic on this newsletter and tidy up the formatting within that program, just to get it done, and to build an html template for future ones.
No quick fixes, apparently, so I’ll try to come up with something that renders more consistent results, also on different devices.