Can you create a rule to add a contact directly in CC?


I would like to setup a rule so when I am sending a message, to add in CC one or 2 contacts. 
At this moment rule allows me to forward a message or to forward a message as attachments.

I may be missing something?


No Grigoras, you are not missing anything. Those are the only options in Rules.

You can BCC all emails on an account though. That setting is available in Menu > Tools > Accounts. You will find it on the General tab for each account. Not quite the same as CC, and you can’t selectively apply it to certain emails. It is an all or nothing option.

Hi Gary. Thanks. I’ve noticed that BCC but is not an option. That CC rule is helpful to have a conversation between all parties involved :). I think think they can develop a new setup in rules wizard


Yes I agree. It is very useful.

An idea was proposed about a year back along these lines at  but I think the eM Client rep did not understand how auto CC could be used. It is not a new concept as it has been in Thunderbird ever since I can remember. :slight_smile:

Another issue - If I forward the message to 3rd paty could be rejected as spam/malware etc (mainly if gmail is target address) 

Do you mean it could be rejected because of the subject beginning with Fwd:?

I do not have that problem, either sending or receiving, but I suppose some individuals could have setup filters like that.

No. Is rejected because of .eml attachment

I don’t have this problem either sending or receiving. I have received many eml attachments from members of this forum sent to my GMail address.

But you only get the eml file if you forward to people as attachment. Normal forward to people does not send the original as an eml file, it just quotes it in the message body.

I think i have a tick box ticked. I gotta check.

One thing that I did notice with using forward in the above Rule, is that the text body does not contain the forward header then the quoted text. The message is the same as if you manually chose to forward as original, except that fwd: is added to the subject.