Can we get empty trash upon closing.

Can we get added or changed from empty trash upon exiting, to empty trash upon closing. Currently it is empty trash upon exiting, which keeps all your deleted mail till you shutdown your computer or shutdown eM Client. It would be a lot better to empty upon closing to keep it clean.

I’m sorry but I don’t really understand the difference… can you please comment on the feature?

Thank you,

Will try my best to tell you.
Now the only way to empty Trash folder is to exit eM Client (completely shut down the program, not running in tray by clock). Then when you start the program your Trash folder is empty. All your deleted email is still in your Trash folder till you do this.
What I would like to be done is, change this to empty Trash folder when you Close eM Client. This means with program open and your done reading your email and you click on X in upper right top to close to tray, it clears your Trash folder.

Hi, yeah sorry this probably won’t be implemented, I’m not sure whether you have the option “Close to trey” enabled but if you do that might be causing the issue, if you close the application without this option enabled the trash will be emptied.

But if you close the application with this option enabled, the application is basically just minimized to tray and thus the trash won’t be emptied, if enabled this feature, trash would be emptied every time user would minimize the application, which by most users would be an unwanted feature…

I hope this is understandable and I hope you can manage to use the current settings.

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