Can two client installations share the same database?

I have been using eM Client Pro for my personal and business email for a few years. I have  seven email accounts connected (combination of PoP and IMAP) the database is stored locally on a SSD and searches are instantaneous. I have quite a few rules and templates and an extensive email history,

My wife is going to begin supporting much of my office function, so I would like to equip her with EM Client also (I’m OK with purchasing the additional license). I would like for us both to have full assess to all incoming and sent mail regardless of which of us handled it. I would also like to centrally maintain templates, rules, etc.

Would it be possible to move the database to a NAS device and have both client installations access it? Will the clients and database behave properly in a small multi-user scenario without database corruption? Will search and indexing performance be reasonable?


unfortunately you cannot share the same database safely, because once you’d be accessing the database from 2 computers at the same time there is bound to be some corruption eventually. eM Client is not meant to be used this way.

I recommend keeping a copy of all emails on the server so both of you can sync to it, and changing the accounts that you can to IMAP.

As for the rules and templates, I’m afraid eM Client doesn’t support neither synchronization or export of these. You will have to manually set those up again.

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Thank you for the reply. I was afraid that this would be the case. I was hoping that the database could support multiple concurrent users.  I believe that I can convert my PoP accounts to IMAP and handle it that way.

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