Can spell checker insert a sugestion in "Replace with" field

I have just moved to eM Client from Windows Live Mail. Their spell checker automatically offers a suggested replacement. If this is correct (as it frequently is) then all you have to do us click “Change”.

You can get suggested spelling replacements two ways.

By “Right Clicking” on the word with the “Red wavy line” when eM Client thinks its a mistake.

Or (after typing) press “F7” in Windows which will bring up a “Suggested Spelling” window. You can then just click on the suggested word in the window below & click “Replace”, or click “Ignore” to move onto the next word.

Make sure you have enabled all the “Spell checker settings” for your country in eM Client.



(Press F7) for Windows

(Menu / Settings / General / Spell-checker)

Sorry, but I don’t think I made myself clear in my post. I don’t use the “red wavy line” method but use the spell checker function when I have finished the message. When I press F7 as you suggest, it just brings up a list of alternatives and I have to click on the correct one and then click change.

What I am looking for is a method, similar to Windows Live Mail, where the checker automatically puts a suggested correction in the “Replace with” box and then all you have to do, if it is correct , is click on “Replace.”